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Learning the Gurmukhi Letters (Penty Akhri)

Learning Outcomes: The student...


Learning the Gurmukhi Vowel Symbols (Matras)

Learning Outcomes: The student...


Learning the Gurmukhi Letters & Vowel Symbols Together

Learning Outcomes: The student...



You are doing an amazing job not only for your school, but for all of us as well. thanks for the study guides and I look forward to the final exam. May God bless you!! Gur fateh!!


SSA Pushpinder jii, You have always been a great help. Thanks for sharing the info. Really appreciate.


This is excellent! Very impressive. I have shared it with the … Khalsa School directors to see if I can create an interest to adopting the curricula for the school (perhaps even as a pilot program in the Kindergarten class). I am also very excited to begin the materials with my boys even if the school is not ready to use the materials this year! Thank you again.


Thank you for sending me your sample books. I like what I see. What you have done definitely have a very good approach. I see in your approach you are teaching Punjabi as well as writing of Gurmukhi. Your approach to teaching them Sikh History e.g. names of Guru Sahib's is great…I do believe in uniformity in Gurdwara School, so may be we can settle on one curriculum and promote that US over. Let us continue to make progress. Pushpinder Ji, You are great.


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